Workshops and
Speaking Engagements

Chi Yin does speaking engagements for corporations, conferences and summits, including as closing at Facebook’s Women Leadership Day in 2015 where she addressed an audience of 300 delegates from around the world.

Here are what some who have heard her speak say:

“Chi Yin was an earnest storyteller on stage, she tells it like it is, captivating and touching everyone in the audience with her most powerful tool – a compelling story. We all walked away that day deeply inspired, and a sense of urgency to care more for the unfortunate ones in our society.

Chi Yin’s emotive and evocative delivery had the audience of 300 rapt, and many had tears in their eyes by the end of her presentation.”  

– Xiaochen Low, Lead of Facebook’s Women Leadership Day Asia Pacific 2015


“Chi Yin’s presentation showed us that it’s possible for women to get off the beaten path and do what they want, even under the most arduous circumstances. Her documentaries showed us the human spirit that we fail to see in our daily lives and brings us to a place of such empathy that at the end of both, I found myself inspired, yet struggling between feeling massive admiration for Chi Yin and shame for not doing more with my life.”

– Karen Teo, Head of Gaming Sales, Facebook Asia Pacific


She also teaches workshops on photography, story-telling, journalism and communication strategies.

Some of her student testimonies:

“Chiyin is an exceptional educator who speaks with refreshing honesty about photography and life. She has an uncanny ability to get to the crux of any story, delving deep to dissect the merits of each image while holding the bigger picture in mind. She met every participant at his or her level and challenged each of us to think more critically about the images we were making. The progression in the quality of the images and the way in which they told increasingly poignant stories was evident each day.”

Carina Sze Lau, brand strategist, Australia 


“Taking the masterclass with Chi Yin was a remarkable learning experience. It was inspiring and also really practical, from developing our story ideas, photographing a story, to editing the work. Chi Yin was able to guide us and ask us the right questions every step of the way – she pushed us to take the story further, but also made sure that the project was done with our own vision taken into account. I left feeling really moved by everything we had discussed and seen together, and I am excited to get back to work with what I learned from her.

Also, learning from a woman Asian photographer was really encouraging. Growing up in a conservative lower middle class home, I always thought my dream of becoming a photographer was like my dream of becoming an astronaut – one that could not happen, a fantasy that only existed in another world. Discovering Chi Yin’s work when I was starting out showed me the possibility, and it helped me maintain my resolve in continuing photography. Working closely with her in class helps me further that resolve and equips me with a better grasp and understanding of what I am attempting. Really thankful.”

Hannah Reyes Morales, freelance photographer, Philippines 


“Being mentored by Chiyin at Angkor Photo Festival was an inspiring experience. I have worked for newspaper and agencies for a few years, and Chiyin encouraged me to photograph in a different way. She taught me to unlearn and gave me ideas about how to see things from alternative perspectives. It was a breakthrough for me and my career as a documentary photographer.

– Billy HC Kwok, photographer for Getty, Hong Kong