“One Day We’ll Understand” | installation views

Inspired by her family history, Sim Chi Yin’s research and photographic project One Day We’ll Understand explores an aspect of the Cold War in Southeast Asia that is rarely spoken of. Seeking out stories behind the 1948-60 guerrilla war against the British in the Federation of Malaya, that emerged in part from anti-Japanese resistance during World War II, Sim travelled to China, Hong Kong, Thailand and Malaysia to interview and photograph people from her grandfather’s generation, together with their treasured personal items and the landscapes they remember.
Sim Chi Yin
One Day We’ll Understand
2011- on-going
Photographic installation, variable dimensions
Two-channel video installation, 16:9, sound, colour
Duration: 5:00 mins




Phan Thao-Nguyen (Vietnam), Sarker Protick (Bangladesh), Sim Chi Yin (Singapore)

Jendela (Visual Arts Space)

The works in this exhibition engage with the colonial legacies and independence narratives of the region to draw attention to obscured histories and landscapes, while imagining alternatives to accepted truths.

19 JAN – 1 APR 2018, Esplanade, Jendela Gallery, Singapore. #SingaporeArtWeek

Curatorial texts by Sam I-shan.

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With thanks to the IWMFAnnie Valentine Mongiovi , Asia Society / ChinaFile, Ee Hoe Hean Club, Docking Station residency / Anais LopezMarga Rotteveel and National Arts Council Singapore for grant support over the years for this project.